garden lust

It seems like the rest of the world is on the brink of going back to school or breaking out the fall boots, and out here in Texas-land we are at the peak of our summer heat.  My grass has turned 50 shades of brown as the temps climb over 100 degrees here each day.  Rain? What’s that?  I’m not sure, because we haven’t seen any in months.  🙂 Neither have my poor plants.  I struggle to keep them alive as it is, and this drought is not helping.

ferns. ferns. ferns.


So, on this lovely Monday morning, I have been seeking out inspiration in the form of beautiful exteriors and greenery.  I’m gushing green gardens,  pining perfect patios, and lusting luscious landscapes. (say that 3 times fast!)

Would you like to join me as I daydream?

Patio via Lonny Mag

This is so fun.  Borderline crazy, but fun.

modern colorful desert landscape

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if your patio looked like this?

Foras Studio -Urban Garden in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Or this?

Foras Studio, Carroll Gardens


Really loving this landscape with cactuses mixed in:

Isabel Marant storefront landscape (photo credit- Laure Joliet)

Does anybody out there have a herb garden? Are they easy to grow?  I really like this vertical style on I saw on Pinterest:

herb garden


My goal for next spring is to do our walkway with large cement blocks, river rocks, and desert plants and grasses…. kinda like this type of look.

modern landscaping detail

I wonder if these planter boxes are hard to make….?

planter boxes!


I’ll take this lovely metal vertical planter!

UrbanMettle Vertical Planter with House Numbers (on Etsy)

Okayyyy time for us to get back to work!

Have a great week! xo


bringing the outdoors inside

One of the best ways to breathe life into a room is to bring what’s outdoors, in.  Earthy inspired spaces are all the buzz right now.  More than just a trend, embracing the beauty of nature creates a timeless feel.  Freshening up your space has never been so easy.



Tip #1:  Use natural materials as architectural elements.




Wood beams or floors. Stone fireplaces. River Rock surfaces.  All so beautiful.  And they create such a focal point.


Tip #2: Accessorize with plants, rocks, and trees.

(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Items like potted plants, fresh flowers, tree stumps or branches, and stones add a little something to a space.


Indoor plants done tastefully can bring a great pop of color to your space, and also promote healthy, breathable environments by improving indoor air quality.


Tip #3:  Incorporate furniture and fabrics made from natural materials


  Furniture made from rustic wood or woven grass is eye-catching.  Using fabrics like linen or cotton have a more refreshing effect then those like nylon or polyester.


Tip #4:  Implementing green products and sustainable practices into the design

The above picture shows a piece of wall art made from live succulents.


Close up


A canopy made from renewable willow.  Other popular rapidly renewable materials include bamboo, cork, and wool.


Tip #5:  Use a crisp, neutral earthy color palette

Using whites and earth tones can make a space feel light and airy.  This can open up an entire room, making it seem larger.


How have you brought the outdoors into your home?