DIY: seascape framed prints

So I just made these 2 prints over the weekend and could not be more pleased with how they turned out.  For less than 30 minutes and under $40 for 2, I’m leaping for joy. photos on wall IMG_2293 edited But let’s back up the train a little.  A while back, I was looking through Williams-Sonoma Home and came across these lovely seascape prints. Williams Sonoma Prints As I’m finally making our bedroom makeover a reality, they would be PERFECT.  But for $895 for 2…. let’s be real here.  That’s more than just slightly over the budget for something with a simple concept.  Coastal shot + white frame = it’s not rocket science.  And that’s when I had my ah-ha moment of “I’m totally making that myself”. Even though I consider myself much a creative being, I don’t set aside the time to craft or do DIY projects.  I have tons of ideas (and the Pinterest boards to prove it) but ambition.. ehhhh, not so much. But these little pretties are sooooo doable. First of all, you will need to grip up some simple inexpensive white frames.  I like these frames from Michael’s. Michaels 12x12 frames I got the 12×12 size with the 8×8 opening.  I bought them in the store. They cost about $30 each, but with that weekly 40% off coupon you can score one for around $18. Next is the print.  In my last life when I worked at Pizitz in Seaside, we carried this amazing book called Still: Oceanscapes. Still Oceanscapes book You can judge a book by its cover because it is exactly what you think – a bunch of wonderful ocean pictures.  And yes, you guessed it: totally framed print-worthy.  I can’t imagine just cutting up a beautiful hardbound book like this…. unless, well, it is used or damaged.  My next amazing idea.  Jump on Amazon and search for it used and you’ll come up with a whole list. Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 7.20.28 AM I paid $3.99 for my book, but it was awhile ago. There are some as low as $1.72 + shipping!  So for about $5 you’ll have a plethora of prints to choose from. For supplies you’ll just need a cutting mat, ruler, and Exacto knife. IMG_2257 Next, I just picked out the ones I wanted to use and cut them out.   Pop them in and you’re ready to rock and roll. IMG_2270 IMG_2278 photos on wall

And there you have it.  Awesome prints without the crazy price tag. Yes, I’m aware the Williams – Sonoma prints are much larger, and actual legit professional prints, but still that is WAYY too much to spend for me.  You’re welcome.

setting the table: 18 holiday ideas

As casual as our Holiday get togethers are,  we rarely (and by rarely I mean never) set the table formally.  But after seeing all kinds of great ideas on Pinterest, it sure does make me want to start!  For those of you who intend to take your event decor to the next level, here are 18 awesome Thanksgiving and Christmas table setting ideas that look pretty easy to replicate.



1.  Gold Pumpkins

Blue & Gold Table Setting


2. Autumn Harvest

Corn Table Decor


3. Colorful Fall ArrangementColorful Pumpkin Table Setting


4. Leaves & Acorns Fall Harvest Table Setting


5. Neutral FeatherGray & Cream Table Setting


6. Magical Gourd GardenPumpkins and Greenery Table Setting


7.  Navy & Gold

Fall Table Setting


8.  Sophisticated Silver & Lavender

Sophisticated Lavender Table Setting



9. Doily Runner

Doily Table Setting


10. Glittery PineconeGlitter Pinecone Place Card


11. Silver & GoldGray & White Holiday Setting


12. Book Page RunnerHoliday Table Setting


13.  Classic HollyHolly DIY Place Card

14.  Fresh Green & WhitePears & Ornaments


15. Joy Place CardJoy Place Card.

16. Burlap & Chocolate  Rustic Chocolate Table Decor

17. Simple Rusticsimple rustic chic table setting

19. Sweet SucculentsSweet Succulents.

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design obsession: hexagon

Ahh yes, my favorite 6 sided shape.  We meet again!

hicks hexagon wallpaper

Loving the Hicks Hexagon wallpaper.

Or if you’re feeling very ambitious, you can stencil it on your walls.  (I was kidding – but if you are totally insane and up for the challenge, the DIY can be found here. )

honeycomb painted wall DIY

hexagon wall

Seeing a lot of hexagon mosaic tile too lately!

hexagon tileThe above mosaic is very contemporary.  But the dark tile below shows how you can use this shape in a more traditional setting.

black hexagon travertine floor tile

Lovely pavers to use in your garden too!  I dig it. (Pun intended. Very corny yes indeed.)

hexagon shaped outdoor tiles


Don’t worry – there’s plenty of honeycomb shaped treasures to share.

 hexagon inspiration boarda: embroidered pillow cover // b: mirror // c: bedding set // d: cuff bracelet // e: woven garden seats // f: rug // g: marble top side table


Have a wonderful night all! xo


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simple Valentine’s Day crafts from the heart

I bet if you asked people to name the first gift idea that popped into their head for Valentine’s Day, most would say:  jewelry, flowers, Hallmark, or chocolate.   There’s such an industry built around the 14th of February I think sometimes we lose focus on what the whole point of the day really is.  What better way to show someone you care than with a thoughtful craft or keepsake?  Here’s 4 DIY Valentine’s Day craft ideas I found on the web that caught my eye.  You can find nearly all of the materials to make them at home or at the store up the street!


Cute Cards Made From Household Items

DIY puzzle pieces valentines day card

king-hearts-card_300 match-valentines-card_300

I love these homemade cards featured in this month’s Real Simple mag.  Such a great idea to take something you don’t use anymore like a deck of cards, an old match book, or a puzzle and create these unique valentines!


XOXO Letters

xoxo letters

Go to Hobby Lobby and grip up these cardboard letters and your favorite color of spray paint to create this valentine that can be displayed year round. (Note: metallic paint colors always seem to make these pop – but I’m sure you could use any color!)


Paint Strip Valentines

paint strip valentine

The perfect simple valentine.  Paint strips are free and I’m sure ya’ll have a marker lying around.  This is great for the coworker, classmate, or extended family member.  You can always write a message on the back too if you so desire.


Heart Art

ombre hearts art

Buy a small canvas (art stores have these on sale all the time!), give it a quick paint job, and then glue small items together in the shape of a heart.  Love this one made out of buttons shown above, but you could use anything around the house, like thumbtacks, coins, cut up pieces of fabric…be creative – the sky is the limit!

(These are not my DIY projects, but images link back to their original source)

for the love of a good map

So I’m celebrating Columbus Day by doing a tribute to something Columbus could have definitely used on his journey:  a good map.   Maps are double duty: a work of art & useful information all printed onto one pretty piece of paper!  Some can have symbolic or personal meaning, such as keeping a map from a destination traveled or a place you love.  In the age of GPS technology and Google Maps, they are something we often take for granted.   (Can you imagine drafting up an accurate map to scale?? Just think about many years mapmakers spent trying to do this!)

I’ve been seeing more decor and graphic design using maps in creative ways lately, and I’m totally in love.


Using a large map on an accent wall creates a nice focal point.



Map for a baby’s room :).


Groups of framed maps in brightly colored frames – I love this hallway!


Using a real roll up or vintage map as a piece of art.


Or you can do one framed map that carries special significance.


I’m seeing lots of DIY map art in Pinterest these days.  These 2 ideas are easy to re-create.   You can print free maps online of your favorite past vacations or cities you lived in and then frame them.  Genius right? And inexpensive!!


I found this company online that does maps for your favorite university campus, sports venue, city, or state.

This Michigan State University map (above) sure brings back many memories!! GO GREEN!!!!


(Photo credits in order of appearance:  one twothreefourfivesix  |  seven (left, right)  |  eight   )