living green

Earth Day, Everyday: green tips to integrate into your everyday life

(Photo Credit: Juul07 Photography)

I remember when I was in Elementary School, we would celebrate Earth Day by each receiving a tree that we could go out and plant.  Looking back, it was great and all, but I wish they really gave us insight on ways we could really help the environment.   There are so many little things we can do in our everyday life that make a greater impact.

A lot of people still (sadly) think that being “green” is for tree huggers or environmental fanatics.  Really, keeping our world beautiful is the responsibility for EACH OF US who live here.  Just as we take care of our shiny new car or iPhone or home, we need to take care of what is outdoors as well.

(Photo Credit: © Irene Suchocki, via her blog, Eye Poetry)

Here’s some ideas to make the world a better place:
  • Begin recycling if you haven’t already.  Even if it’s just every milk jug, soda can, and cereal box.  You are keeping these items out of landfills.
  • Reuse paper and plastic bags
  • Carpool
  • Turn off the lights, computers, TV’s, etc when you are not using them
  • Open windows instead of using the A/C
  • Use natural daylight instead of lights
  • Minimize the amount you waste by not buying things you don’t need or will not use for long
  • Don’t litter. Ever.
  • Turn your thermostat off when you are not home.
  • Try to buy commonly used items that are biodegradable, like paper plates and disposable silverware.


(Photo Credit: © Ashley Herrin. Grand Teton National Park)