accessorizing an apartment for under $300

??????????????????????Back in the fall, I was approached by La Sierra Apartments here in NB to spruce up a corporate apartment.  One unit, in a weeks time? Well okay, no problem. The challenge: use furniture in inventory and spend next to nothing.   SAY WHAT??  Every design idea I had instantly imploded.

How was I supposed to do art, drapery, lighting, and fun accessories on a couple hundred bucks?  (I know it’s possible, but I’m used to accessories budgets in the thousands.)  Sure, it’s easy to come up with endless ideas when you have a nice budget to work with, but this was going to be a little harder.  A rug alone could break the bank.

I had to get creative.  But really, I needed to relax and go with my instincts.  I was made for this.  I don’t like paying full price for, well, anything.  I’m always looking for a deal, and now it was time to put my bargain hunting to the test.  And I had like 4 days to do it.

I started with a vacant apartment.   There were a lot of warm, brown tones in the apartment (wall color, fixtures, flooring, etc) and in the existing furniture I was going to use.  The armless chair I picked was in this fabric:


So I decided to pull out the grays tones and run with that.  The goal was to combine warm and cool to create an inviting & simple, yet contemporary space.

I bought a 36×36 gallery wrapped canvas at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.  I then took a couple of hours one morning, busted out my (literally) 8-year-old paints and created a neutral abstract painting.  This was going to be the piece that tied the browns and grays together.


Here’s what the final result ended up like:

accessorizing on a budget

apartment decor for under 250 dollars

The lamp shades, pillows, and drapes were from Target.  The drapery was on clearance – jackpot!  The drapery hardware (not pictured) is from IKEA, as well as the rug ($19.99), and floor lamp ($14.99).

IKEA frames + your favorite pictures - Accessorizing on a Budget

These IKEA frames were under 10 bucks a pop.  I took some pics of local landmarks (Gruene Hall, the Comal River, and the Faust Bridge) and printed off 8x10s of them at Target.

I apologize for the very few crappy iPhone pics, but it turned out pretty good!   The only thing I would have liked to do differently is include some vintage bargain finds if I had more time to search for them.  Where are your go to places for great accessories on a budget??

blurred lines

Much like the song, here’s 6 items that I can’t get out of my head.


1:  Photography by Amy Theiss Giese   (Etsy)

geometric abstract photography by Atgeise


2: Blurred Water Abstract iPhone Case (Society 6)

 blurred water abstract iphone cover


3: Blurred Lines Acrylic Painting by ArianasMisc (Etsy)

Blurred Lines by ArianasMisc


4: Blurry Things by Trever Hoehne

Blurred Photography by Trever Hoene


5:  Artsy Pillow Cover by Wayfarer Prints (Etsy)

Blurred Pillow Cover by Wayfarer Prints


6: Watercolour Bokeh Ocean Canvas Print (Urban Road)

Bokeh Ocean Art


The beautiful things in life are perfectly imperfect.  ❤  Happy Saturday!


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color story: peach + emerald

Bold emerald green matched with soft peach is both flirty and fierce!   I’m loving these 2 colors together.

(It’s past my bedtime, and I’m sleepy.  So instead of attempting to come up with witty captions, I’ll show you pretty pictures and your imagination can take it from there 🙂 )

green and peach inspiration

Peach wall green door

Peach & Emerald Event Wedding Design  emerald and peach bedroom

emerald clutch


Do you think these 2 colors work well together?   Would you use them in an outfit or your home?

peach and emerald inspiration board.

  1. Enchantment Necklace in Green
  2. Sweet Melody Dress
  3. Guess Neodan Pumps
  4. Swept Away Clutch in Peach
  5. Sofa
  6. Pearl Bracelets Peach Fabric
  7. Rico Jungle Green Fabric
  8. Chinese Emerald Pots (set of 3)
  9. Chair


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Target pairs up with FEED

I was walking through Target the other day and what did I find?  Probably the most lovely collaboration I never thought would have happened.

target and FEED

target feed-boutique-model

Consumed in our daily lives, many of us don’t think about how many families are struggling just to survive.  It’s estimated that about 17 million children are living in food insecure households in just the UNITED STATES ALONE.  I’m so happy Target is bringing awareness to this very important issue by donating to such a great cause.  For every purchase you make from the Target FEED collection, meals will be provided for children and family across America!

Target and FEED

  1. FEED for Target Women’s Crossbody Bag in Navy 20 meals
  2. FEED for Target Men’s Denim Baseball Cap  = 12 meals
  3. FEED for Target Bakeware – Medium 100oz  = 16 meals
  4. FEED for Target Women’s Gold V-Neck Graphic Tee   =  14 meals
  5. FEED for Target Ceramic Canisters  =  10-12 meals each canister
  6. FEED for Target Women’s Stackable Bracelet Set of 3  =  12 meals


View the entire collection here, or to learn more visit: .

(All photos from Target and FEED projects)

Pigeon & Poodle: all in the details

Design really is in the details.

The larger pieces always seem to be the main focus of the designer, but we have to be careful not to lose sight of the smaller details and accessories we put into each project.  It’s these pretty little things that give the design character and make it unique.  Even the most minimal or simple designs will need to be carefully refined.

A few months back I found this wonderful accessories company called Pigeon and Poodle.  (Great name, right??)  They specialize in bath accessories, but also carry other home items like frames and baskets.  Their product line is inspired from nature and world travel, so each piece has its own story.  Beautiful handcrafted trays made from capiz shells (as shown below), marble soap dishes, and onyx tissue boxes are just a few of the offerings in their bath collection.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Handa Open Tray - Pigeon & Poodle

Manchester Turquoise Brush Holder - Pigeon & Poodle

ciaro tissue box

Malabar Wastebasket - Pigeon & Poodle

Avignon Mother of Pearl Frames - Pigeon & Poodle

Bali Tray Set from Pigeon & Poodle

Pigeon and Poodle kicked off 2013 debuting at the Atlanta Gift Show, New York Gift Show and Las Vegas Market, and have been featured in House Beautiful.   I think big things are in store for these guys!  Their products are sold to the trade only, but visit their website to see full collections @ .


(All pictures courtesy of Pigeon & Poodle’s website)