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70’s Malibu inspired home

It seems like lately I’m drawn to all these California-esque homes.  First Holiday in the Hills and now this!

I picked up the Oct/Nov issue of Urban Home Magazine and this project was featured on the cover.  Designed by local San Antonio firm, Baxter Design Group,  this home is a refreshing breeze of So-Cal eclectic style with organic touches.  It has a laid back, retro feel mingled with just the right amount of modern.  I had the chance to view this home back in May – it was part of the San Antonio Parade of Homes, featuring custom home builders Mattern & FitzGerald.


In the article, builder Kevin FitzGerald describes how the client “wanted a house with soul and natural materials that were understated, yet elegant. We chose to design and build a home that would be low on ‘stuff’ and rich on texture.”

living room  dining room


The planning period for this home took 5 months of getting to know the client’s hopes, dreams, and desires.  It paid off – the end result is gorgeous!

3 pics





front of home

You dig?! View the whole article here.

(Photo Credits:  Houzz & Urban Home Magazine)

bringing the outdoors inside

One of the best ways to breathe life into a room is to bring what’s outdoors, in.  Earthy inspired spaces are all the buzz right now.  More than just a trend, embracing the beauty of nature creates a timeless feel.  Freshening up your space has never been so easy.



Tip #1:  Use natural materials as architectural elements.




Wood beams or floors. Stone fireplaces. River Rock surfaces.  All so beautiful.  And they create such a focal point.


Tip #2: Accessorize with plants, rocks, and trees.

(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Items like potted plants, fresh flowers, tree stumps or branches, and stones add a little something to a space.


Indoor plants done tastefully can bring a great pop of color to your space, and also promote healthy, breathable environments by improving indoor air quality.


Tip #3:  Incorporate furniture and fabrics made from natural materials


  Furniture made from rustic wood or woven grass is eye-catching.  Using fabrics like linen or cotton have a more refreshing effect then those like nylon or polyester.


Tip #4:  Implementing green products and sustainable practices into the design

The above picture shows a piece of wall art made from live succulents.


Close up


A canopy made from renewable willow.  Other popular rapidly renewable materials include bamboo, cork, and wool.


Tip #5:  Use a crisp, neutral earthy color palette

Using whites and earth tones can make a space feel light and airy.  This can open up an entire room, making it seem larger.


How have you brought the outdoors into your home?