New Year

my personal mantra for 2015


Here’s a few goals I would like to put out there in the universe for 2015.  I think sharing them makes you more accountable, so let’s do this:

My mantra for this year is to SIMPLIFY.


We live in a very complex world.  There is no doubt about it.  I’m an over-thinker and over-analyzer.  A person who always tries to take on more than they should.  A put-others-before-myself kind of girl.  It’s great.  It’s me.  But I need to simplify how I do things and that thought process behind it.

Other items on the list for this year:

  • Get back to my roots
  • Pass my design licensing exam
  • Be open to creativity and inspiration   (read:  Think outside the box!)

That is all for my little public service announcement.   If you could summarize your ultimate goal into just one word for 2015, what would it be?

Looking back on 2014

First things first: Happy New Year, friends!!

I took a couple of weeks off from the blog to enjoy Christmas with my family here in New Braunfels, and then traveled to Hilton Head, SC to ring in the New Year with Nate’s fam.  Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I wanted to take a look back at a post you may remember highlighting my goals for 2014.  Let’s see how I did:


More “me” time SEMI-PASS

Wowza, I got to visit some really cool places over the past year.  So I consider that a huge success. But in terms of day-to-day activities, this is where I came up short.  I’m a firm believer that the key to personal growth and happiness is in making that time for yourself on a daily/weekly basis.  This is something I definitely need to work on again this year.

me at big bend


Prioritize my life better FAIL

There’s no way around it – I think I’ve actually gotten worse this year!  I tend to work, work, work, and don’t make time for play… which essentially goes against everything I believe in.  I feel like I’m rushed and behind all the time, which is a huge killer to the creative process.  Life is all about balance. It’s time for me to find that balance again.


Finish my design licensing examFAIL

..But the good news is I plan on taking the test this Spring!


Take on a new hobbyPASS

Nate and I started playing tennis for fun. And I dusted off those paint brushes for the first time in close to 10 years! So there is some progress.

close up of art


Eat healthierSEMI-PASS

For the beginning months of 2014 I really did improve my diet. I was drinking alkaline water daily for my silent reflux, and working out regularly, but I think after our Michigan trip in June I fell off the wagon. I have adopted the low acid diet again this past week though and hope to build on that.


Run a 5k PASS

We did the New Braunfels Doggie Dash back in March as planned, and it was awesome. I’m not the runner type by any stretch of the imagination, so pushing myself out the door to run can be daunting.  But I’m proud to say that even after the 5k, I continued putting effort into it.  Is a half-marathon in the works for me?  I’m not so sure… but I’d definitely do another 5k.

IMG_7894 cropped

(Photo caption should definitely read as:  “ALL I DO IS WIN, WIN, WIN.  NO MATTER WHAT”)


Make a difference in someone’s life?

This one is hard to measure. I didn’t volunteer my time on a regular basis as I would have hoped, but striving day-to-day to help others and give to those less fortunate is definitely a step in the right direction.


Looking back on 2014, what are you happy to say you accomplished?

2013: goals and resolutions

To some, New Year’s Resolutions may be lame.  But you know what?  I love them.  I love anything that allows me to reflect and grow.  So here is my list.


Listen to myself for once

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have developed a habit of drowning myself out.  Somehow, deep down, I think we all really know what’s best for us.  I have lived pretty “safe” the last few years…maybe to protect myself from getting hurt or because of a fear of failure.  But I’m determined to give that up, and have some faith instead. Which leads me to the next item on the list….

wake up and live


Be more spiritual

I want to become more spiritually connected.  Getting caught up in the 9 to 5, day-to-day routine has been robbing me of so many things.   Focusing my thoughts toward inner peace and a higher power will ultimately reduce my stress level and make life more gratifying.  It takes discipline, but I think I can get there.


Own my own piece of the earth

This is a semi-big deal announcement….we have been taking the beginning steps to purchase a home!  Our searches began back in November.  With the interest rates low and our love for this lil town growing, we decided we want to stay put here for a while.  Texas has been good to us so far.  My nomadic self thinks about where our next big move will be….but realistically I’m sick of paying someone else’s mortgage and can’t see ourselves anywhere else right now.


Go to Europe

This has been on my list for years, and I REALLY hope I finally make this one happen.  My dad is European (Bulgarian to be exact) and travels often between Europe and USA.  Practically every summer since I graduated high school, he has been trying to get me to make the trip.  I’ve never been across the pond, and every summer there seems to be some reason I put it off.   Plus, I really want to go before I pop out a kid!


Run a 5k

For those who know me very well, you know my small frame is a total hoax.  I don’t eat very good (aka cheeseburgers and pizza), and I don’t work out on regular basis.  Running a mile is very hard for me (not sure I could do it today without stopping to walk).  Every year I set this very attainable goal and fail miserably.  Well I’m putting it to rest – this is the year I finally run my first race!


Learn how to use my camera

I’ve had my Canon Rebel for a little over a year now, and you’d think I’d be at pro status by now.  Not so much.  I understand photography – I took manual photography classes back in high school – but I don’t set aside the time to learn how to be really good at it.  Now’s the time.


Live a healthier lifestyle

As stated above, I’m not the most healthiest of individuals.  I want to start eating better and being more active.  Being healthy is so much more than a number on a scale – it’s a whole way of life.



Develop & maximize my unique talents

I’ve realized for so long I haven’t made time to do things I’m really good at.   Each one of us is so different… yet so many of us never take the time to refine the skills that set us apart from the rest.  These I think life is too short to waste these wonderful talents God has given us.


If there was one thing you could accomplish this year, what would it be?


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much needed relaxation

I’ve had the last 11 days off work, and I can’t explain just how fulfilling it has been.  I haven’t had any time off really since July.   It has been a total gift to not have to get up early, be somewhere, shower, be under strict deadlines, etc etc etc.  To be completely honest, I’m still in my PJs right now and it’s after 5pm.  I’m sure last nights activities didn’t help.  We were going to go out in San Antonio, but decided to stay in NB because of the rainy weather.   Our first stop was the Uptown Piano Bar, which is like a 7 minute walk from our house, and then went into the little downtown area to a couple other bars to ring in the New Year.  We had a freakin blast.  It’s been the first time we have went out for drinks in such a long time.

But during the last week and a half,  I’ve had so much time to reorganize and reflect.  And the best part is I’ve began to rejuvenate my creative side.  I think with the long stressful hours that had been put in over the last month at work,  I was feeling especially drained of any creative juices left in me.

I’m super excited for all the plans that are in the works for 2013.  I can’t wait to share it with y’all!  I will be back tomorrow with my goals for the upcoming year.

I leave you with my summary of life in Instagram pictures.  xoxo, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Beautiful sky

Oh christmas tree

Hot Chocolate

Maci (2)

alamo bowl

Forbidden Fruit

Us on New Years

(all photos were taken by me.  if you want to borrow them, please just ask. oh, and send some love to the site too if you don’t mind, thanks!)