love it or leave it: graffiti as interior art?

Graffiti.  Some people love it and embrace its raw beauty and expressive nature.  Others think it is a distasteful display of destruction or vandalism.  But the question lies here:  Is it an art form worthy of being displayed in the home?

Graffiti Wall via Design Sponge

Bachelor Pad - Adore Home Magazine June-July 2012

Adore Home Magazine featured this bachelor pad with a graffiti accent wall.


IKEA graffiti painted dresser

Remember IKEA using graffiti to advertise the ability to customize their furniture?

graffiti accent wall

High End Graffiti'd BathroomCheck out Houzz and you’ll find it in some high-end, custom residences.

Kelly Wearstler's Home - graffiti wall


Bold designer Kelly Wearstler used it in her home.  Would you ever consider it in yours?  Love it or leave it??



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mid century minimalist meets boho chic

  Rachel Bilson's antique arm chair

Welcome to the home of Rachel Bilson and lovie Hayden Christensen.  Rachel is best known for her roles in The OC, Jumper, and now Hart of Dixie…but since I don’t watch too much TV, she is possibly best known to me for her amazing relaxed, boho style.

Rachel Bilson with Antique Piano

Rachel Bilson's Living Room

Her new pad is the feature on this month’s Lonny, I suggest you check it out.  Designed by the super talented Kishani Perera, this home is an intermingled yet completely balanced reflection of Bilson and Christensen’s personal styles.  It’s beautifully blended with cultured prints, vintage pieces, and simple lines.

Rachel Bilson's Home.

Accessories at Rachel Bilson's home

Paging Dr. Hart:  I may need life support because your home is drop dead gorgeous!

(Corny? Ehh.  Okay whatever I’ll take my jokes elsewhere.)

Rachel Bilson's boho modern home

Happy Friday!! xo


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please don’t take my sunshine away

I want to know – does anyone actually like when the clocks move back?   I most certainly loved the “extra” hour of sleep the other night, but now that the sun sets at 5pm I just want to throw on some pj’s and go comatose after dinner.  In memory of Daylight Savings Time, here’s my tribute to the sun – well, in the form of sun rooms.

My dream home would most definitely have a sun room in it.   Let’s think about this…It’s a room completely devoted to the big, bright ball of light in the sky.  You can soak up that Vitamin D without even going outdoors.  Perfection.  If you’re lucky enough to have one, here’s some really cool designs I’ve come across.

Curbly Sunroom by Emily Henderson

I know Emily just posted this like a day ago but I saw this and instantly felt myself 8th grade style crushing this room.   I’m just so in love I can’t look away.   Every single room in that Curbly house is pure gold.  I love that the wall color (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt) enhances the room so much, and makes it feel so light and airy.

Rustic Modern SunroomThis next one is more neutral, but the warm tones, rich natural textures, and fireplace make it feel so cozy, even though the furniture is very streamlined.


Sunroom - Elle Decor

Caption this one?  Okay.  Cozy, yet stylish and chic.  I’m digging the “lived in” feel to it.  I really like how they made a somewhat small space seem larger and more interesting.


vintage inspired sunroom

Retro approach to the modern sun room.  I’m loving that white wall and all those windows!


Sophisticated Sunroom

Classic and sophisticated all in one pretty package.


Sunroom for dinner partiesThis last one shows that these rooms can function for more than just a lounge area or reading nook.  This little dining area would be great for a candlelit dinner for 2 or a small get together with friends.

Which one is your dream sun room?


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home renovation: living room

Now that the Texas summer heat is gone, it’s time to start thinking about the home renovations once again.  As you remember, our home that we bought earlier this year is a 50’s Ranch style with a Mid Century feel that needs (many!) updates.  We ripped up the floors and installed beautiful walnut hardwood throughout and painted, but now its time to furnish this B.

No better place to start than the Living Room, which I hope to have complete just in time for the Holidays.

This was our last setup at our previous home.  I splurged on my Lee Industries Chairs & Verellen Sofa from Pizitz when I was still living in Florida….so when we moved from the beach to the 1920’s Bungalow Cottage near the river, these lovely pieces worked perfectly.

living room before

Of course I’m keeping the sofa and chairs, but I wanted to bring some other pieces in to tie what I have together and make the home feel more modern.  We painted the walls  in the Living Room Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams, so I’m going to bring in more of the charcoals and grays into the room.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you remember when I came home with this little treasure.  This Zinc top Chest for $75 is now our Coffee Table.

Vintage Zinc Top Chest

So taking that into consideration, here is my inspiration board of what I want the new and improved Living Room to look like:

Living Room Inspiration Board - Vim&Vintage

Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

70’s Malibu inspired home

It seems like lately I’m drawn to all these California-esque homes.  First Holiday in the Hills and now this!

I picked up the Oct/Nov issue of Urban Home Magazine and this project was featured on the cover.  Designed by local San Antonio firm, Baxter Design Group,  this home is a refreshing breeze of So-Cal eclectic style with organic touches.  It has a laid back, retro feel mingled with just the right amount of modern.  I had the chance to view this home back in May – it was part of the San Antonio Parade of Homes, featuring custom home builders Mattern & FitzGerald.


In the article, builder Kevin FitzGerald describes how the client “wanted a house with soul and natural materials that were understated, yet elegant. We chose to design and build a home that would be low on ‘stuff’ and rich on texture.”

living room  dining room


The planning period for this home took 5 months of getting to know the client’s hopes, dreams, and desires.  It paid off – the end result is gorgeous!

3 pics





front of home

You dig?! View the whole article here.

(Photo Credits:  Houzz & Urban Home Magazine)