emily henderson

please don’t take my sunshine away

I want to know – does anyone actually like when the clocks move back?   I most certainly loved the “extra” hour of sleep the other night, but now that the sun sets at 5pm I just want to throw on some pj’s and go comatose after dinner.  In memory of Daylight Savings Time, here’s my tribute to the sun – well, in the form of sun rooms.

My dream home would most definitely have a sun room in it.   Let’s think about this…It’s a room completely devoted to the big, bright ball of light in the sky.  You can soak up that Vitamin D without even going outdoors.  Perfection.  If you’re lucky enough to have one, here’s some really cool designs I’ve come across.

Curbly Sunroom by Emily Henderson

I know Emily just posted this like a day ago but I saw this and instantly felt myself 8th grade style crushing this room.   I’m just so in love I can’t look away.   Every single room in that Curbly house is pure gold.  I love that the wall color (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt) enhances the room so much, and makes it feel so light and airy.

Rustic Modern SunroomThis next one is more neutral, but the warm tones, rich natural textures, and fireplace make it feel so cozy, even though the furniture is very streamlined.


Sunroom - Elle Decor

Caption this one?  Okay.  Cozy, yet stylish and chic.  I’m digging the “lived in” feel to it.  I really like how they made a somewhat small space seem larger and more interesting.


vintage inspired sunroom

Retro approach to the modern sun room.  I’m loving that white wall and all those windows!


Sophisticated Sunroom

Classic and sophisticated all in one pretty package.


Sunroom for dinner partiesThis last one shows that these rooms can function for more than just a lounge area or reading nook.  This little dining area would be great for a candlelit dinner for 2 or a small get together with friends.

Which one is your dream sun room?


(all photos link back to their source, if known)