setting the table: 18 holiday ideas

As casual as our Holiday get togethers are,  we rarely (and by rarely I mean never) set the table formally.  But after seeing all kinds of great ideas on Pinterest, it sure does make me want to start!  For those of you who intend to take your event decor to the next level, here are 18 awesome Thanksgiving and Christmas table setting ideas that look pretty easy to replicate.



1.  Gold Pumpkins

Blue & Gold Table Setting


2. Autumn Harvest

Corn Table Decor


3. Colorful Fall ArrangementColorful Pumpkin Table Setting


4. Leaves & Acorns Fall Harvest Table Setting


5. Neutral FeatherGray & Cream Table Setting


6. Magical Gourd GardenPumpkins and Greenery Table Setting


7.  Navy & Gold

Fall Table Setting


8.  Sophisticated Silver & Lavender

Sophisticated Lavender Table Setting



9. Doily Runner

Doily Table Setting


10. Glittery PineconeGlitter Pinecone Place Card


11. Silver & GoldGray & White Holiday Setting


12. Book Page RunnerHoliday Table Setting


13.  Classic HollyHolly DIY Place Card

14.  Fresh Green & WhitePears & Ornaments


15. Joy Place CardJoy Place Card.

16. Burlap & Chocolate  Rustic Chocolate Table Decor

17. Simple Rusticsimple rustic chic table setting

19. Sweet SucculentsSweet Succulents.

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