for the love of a good map

So I’m celebrating Columbus Day by doing a tribute to something Columbus could have definitely used on his journey:  a good map.   Maps are double duty: a work of art & useful information all printed onto one pretty piece of paper!  Some can have symbolic or personal meaning, such as keeping a map from a destination traveled or a place you love.  In the age of GPS technology and Google Maps, they are something we often take for granted.   (Can you imagine drafting up an accurate map to scale?? Just think about many years mapmakers spent trying to do this!)

I’ve been seeing more decor and graphic design using maps in creative ways lately, and I’m totally in love.


Using a large map on an accent wall creates a nice focal point.



Map for a baby’s room :).


Groups of framed maps in brightly colored frames – I love this hallway!


Using a real roll up or vintage map as a piece of art.


Or you can do one framed map that carries special significance.


I’m seeing lots of DIY map art in Pinterest these days.  These 2 ideas are easy to re-create.   You can print free maps online of your favorite past vacations or cities you lived in and then frame them.  Genius right? And inexpensive!!


I found this company online that does maps for your favorite university campus, sports venue, city, or state.

This Michigan State University map (above) sure brings back many memories!! GO GREEN!!!!


(Photo credits in order of appearance:  one twothreefourfivesix  |  seven (left, right)  |  eight   )



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