Sherwin Williams

love it or hate it: Sherwin Williams new numbering system

So I recently learned that Sherwin Williams entire numbering system is in the process of changing!  Many of you familiar with the system know it was a 4 number system, and now they’re going to a 5 number system.  And the numbers are not similar at all.  For example, Pure White was SW 7005, and now is SW 30008.

Translation:  I’m gonna have to relearn all of my most favorite numbers again!  EEEKKK. Oh well.  I GUESS I’ll adapt.

The silver lining?  Word is there is about a 100 new colors in this new system.

Oh and these are what the new swatch cards look like:

sherwin williams paint colors 2014

They remind me of trading cards.  I think I kinda like them.

How do you other designers/home renovator/Sherwin Williams paint lovers feel about this?  Love it or hate it??


casa de updates

Hello my readers! Are you still out there? I know I fell off the face of the earth lately. Of course the new house has been consuming my life.  I wish I had some other exciting stories or amazing revelations to share with you…but I don’t.  So in that case I will now attempt to entertain you with the latest updates at the new casa.

Last week, we finally finished painting! Okay that was a lie. We are not done thanks to the knotty pine bonus room from hell. I’m in one more coat denial so of course I believe this is the last coat. We shall see…

Our final paint palette ended up looking like this:


For our fun sized powder room, I decided to do an accent wall of wallpaper in the pattern below. My hope is that it will make it seem a little bigger. You know like maybe 4 x 5 feet instead of 3.5 x 4!

Candice Olson Wall Covering

Perhaps the mack daddy news of all is that we just had the wood floors last week. For the first time I actually felt like this whole thing is finally starting to come together!

photo 1

photo 2

I love how they turned out!  It’s crazy to think just the floors and paint can make this much of a difference!

PS. We just moved everything in on Saturday!  I’m not going to lie – it’s a little strange. It doesn’t quite feel like it’s our home yet, but I’m sure that will come with time.  Kinda hard to feel homey when there are boxes everywhere I guess. 🙂

PPS. I am the proud new owner of this new clearance mirror at target. $19.99 . Come into my lovely home!

photo 3

That’s all for now!  I promise to get back to the regular posts.  I’ll be back sooner than later 🙂 xo.

eye candy: rediculously fun kitchen in South Austin

Good Afternoon!

I’m hoping this lively kitchen will brighten your day the way it did for me.  Designed by Austin’s Loop Design, this South Austin residence was remodeled, bringing in a  more open concept for owners who love to cook and entertain.  The owners also must love color!




(All kitchen pictures via Houzz)


Don’t you just love those paint colors??  They’re from Sherwin Williams in case you wondered :).


And that awesome light fixture?  Here’s a similar one for $199 from CB2!



4 great iPhone apps for interior design (and they’re free!)

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a design professional, these iPhone apps help solve common interior design problems in minutes.


Problem:  You want to find a wall color to match the colors in your bedding, but lugging the whole thing with you to the paint store is nearly impossible.

Solution:  Use a paint color matching app, such as Sherwin Williams’ Color Snap or Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture to help you pick a color.  You can snap a picture of the bedding, then use the app to pick out an individual color or find a color scheme that works.  Then save that color to your phone,  and head to the paint store to pick it up.  Easy as pie!


Problem:  You need to know a room’s dimensions quick, but you don’t have a tape measure with you.

Solution:  Have MagicPlan calculate the dimensions for you!  You choose the wall corners, openings, and doorways, and it generates the floor plan.

If you’re wondering just how accurate it is,  I tried it on my living room as an experiment.

Then I measured the actual dimensions and it was only 2-3″ inches off! Amazing!


Problem: You want to make sure that picture is hanging straight on the wall, but you don’t have a level.

Solution: Download iHandy Level & you’re good to go!


Problem:  You need a quick conversion from inches to feet.

Solution:  Use Units app for easy conversions of many different units of measurement.