4 great iPhone apps for interior design (and they’re free!)

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a design professional, these iPhone apps help solve common interior design problems in minutes.


Problem:  You want to find a wall color to match the colors in your bedding, but lugging the whole thing with you to the paint store is nearly impossible.

Solution:  Use a paint color matching app, such as Sherwin Williams’ Color Snap or Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture to help you pick a color.  You can snap a picture of the bedding, then use the app to pick out an individual color or find a color scheme that works.  Then save that color to your phone,  and head to the paint store to pick it up.  Easy as pie!


Problem:  You need to know a room’s dimensions quick, but you don’t have a tape measure with you.

Solution:  Have MagicPlan calculate the dimensions for you!  You choose the wall corners, openings, and doorways, and it generates the floor plan.

If you’re wondering just how accurate it is,  I tried it on my living room as an experiment.

Then I measured the actual dimensions and it was only 2-3″ inches off! Amazing!


Problem: You want to make sure that picture is hanging straight on the wall, but you don’t have a level.

Solution: Download iHandy Level & you’re good to go!


Problem:  You need a quick conversion from inches to feet.

Solution:  Use Units app for easy conversions of many different units of measurement.


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