Each year, Austin does an event that combines two of my favorite things in life: architecture/design + dogs. It’s a called Barkitecture, and local builders and design/architecture firms create little home’s for man’s best friend to raise awareness and money for local animal shelters. Truly there are some amazing, one of a kind creations! Submissions are judged by a panel and prizes are awarded for categories such as Most Unusual and Best in Show. Take a peek at some of the interesting buildings and contest winners from 2012:

I can’t wait to go this fall!

A Doggie Farmhouse
Dog Cube Condo by Gensler
Rex Box – Greenest Design
greenest design dog home barkitecture 2012
The Woof Stream
The Barkelow – Best Fundraiser
Doggone Vault – Best in Show
doggone vault - best in show Barkitecture 2012.

Photos from Kara Mosher for Houzz and Barkitecture’s website.

See this other site for more pix from the event!

Red Bud Isle: where dogs (and people) roam free

Over the weekend, Nate & I spent the day in Austin.  After getting some lunch and meeting up for a short shopping stint with my Aunt & cousin, we wanted to kill a couple of hours… but didn’t have any clue of what we wanted to do.  So we drove.  I pulled out my phone and was like “let’s go here” and pointed to some random island near Lake Austin.  So it was completely by chance that we stumbled upon Red Bud Isle.


As soon as we parked (which FYI, parking is limited), we soon figured out this place was devoted to man’s best friend.  Basically it’s an island where dogs can roam free, off leash.  (Unfortunately, we didn’t have our little furball with us, but we plan on bringing her sometime soon.)


There’s lots of random paths and trails. Totally not uncommon to just see dogs chasing each other through the woods.


So serene.


IMG_1480 _ lightened

This was my favorite spot.  At the very tip of the island, there is a tree and all of it’s roots are exposed.

tree at red bud trail

My favorite picture.  Sigh.

tree roots

Of course I had to add some pictures of our furry friends we met.

water doggie

This dog below is Sidney. She’s 14. What a doll.  I can only wish I look that good at 98.


So if you and your pup are looking for a fun time in Austin, I suggest you go check it out.  Because of the terrain, don’t be surprised if your pooch gets wet and/or muddy.


(All of the pictures belong to me.  If you would like to use, just ask – and share my blog with your friends too of course!)