design obsession: moroccan style

Morocco: A magical land, rich in history, culture, and charm.

It’s no secret that it’s top 10 on my bucket list.  I dream of traveling to Marrakech, strolling through the marketplace, and photographing architectural and scenic wonders that are like no other.

The style is timeless.  A constant influence to so much of the design and fashion world today.  The attention to detail is impeccable, from the arches and architecture, to the refinements of the tile and latticework.

So naturally, I adore anything inspired by this amazing place.








Wallpaper by Urban Outfitters!



Behold the La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh.  DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.

This freakin pool!!!


Everybody needs a lil Moroccan in their life. 🙂


a)  Light fixtures, Viva Terra   –  b) Teal Moroccan Veridigris Earrings, from Christina Nicole via Etsy  –  c) Geometric Cuff in Grey, Deja Vu  –  d) Sandals, Charlotte Russe  –  e) One Shoulder Dress, Deja Vu    –    f) Carthage Pierced Lantern, Home Decorators   –    g) Tahla Lantern, Z Gallerie  –   h) Rug, Ikea   –     i) Chinese Garden Stool, Wisteria   –    j) Moroccan Inspired Photo Frame, Wisteria   –   k) 4 Door Mirrored Console, to the trade only (contact me for pricing/ordering)  –     l) Votive cups, Z Gallerie   –    m) Jacqui Coffee Table in White, Bungalow 5    –    n) Light Fixture, to the trade only (contact me for pricing/ordering)    –   o) J.L. Rhein Pillow, Wayfair   –     p) Macau End Table, Home Decorators



  1. I popped over to say thanks for liking my Chuy’s post, and I found a post about one of my favorite places! I love Morocco, in part because my family came from there generations ago, and in part because it’s just so beautiful! Loved your pictures, especially that creamy hall way and the pool!

    1. I love Chuy’s so thanks for writing about it!! 🙂 I’m glad you liked my post – how awesome of you to have Moroccan roots! Have you ever been there?? Thanks for stopping by to leave some love!

  2. It´s a really nice country, I´ve been there twice! The square on the top picture is called Jemaa el-Fna, we visited it both times. The second time we were lucky enough to get a nice surprice. At about 6 p.m the market and fruitstands disappear and is replaced with food-courts instead. What´s so awesome about them is that the chef is cooking inside a square of maybe 5m2 (square meters) with all the ingredients placed in front of whoever is eating. That includes cheap-heads and other not so appetizing stuff. Have a nice day!

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