thursday thoughts: hope

Ever feel like you are about 3 steps behind in life?  That you rush around and still can’t get caught up with everything there is to do?  Well that is my life in a nutshell right about now.

Since returning home from the trip, it’s been hard to find the motivation to tackle my never ending to-do list.  Literally getting out of bed takes 2-3 tries (damn you snooze button!).  And Olympics, you have not been helping either.  This girl has been molded to the sofa every night.

I can look at all the things I haven’t done lately (running, studying for NCIDQ, cleaning, – okay I’ll stop now). OR I can be hopeful.

I think you know which one I will choose.

Hope is a funny thing.  It’s all or nothing.  You either have it or you don’t.  So when I read Sarah’s blog this morning, I realized that my inner drive was just what I’ve been missing.  She posted about a blog relay called Hope 2012, where she tagged all of her readers to share what they are hopeful for.  Thanks Sarah for helping me find the inspiration that has been missing from daily life!  Here’s my list…. what are you hopeful for?  (Tag your it – it’s your turn!)


Image via Pinterest


I’m hopeful…:

-that life will fall into place.

-I will start posting more blog entries

-I will pass the first 1/2 of the NCIDQ test next month!

-to have a freakin blast this weekend in Dallas 🙂

-that many people around the world are making a difference each day, and that I can be one of them.


  1. I just know you’re going to pass the NCIDQ! How could you not? You have the determination and the love for it! I will wish you good luck, but I don’t think you’ll need it 🙂 You will pass!

    Reading this, well, I feel like I could have written it. It makes me feel less alone, if that makes sense. I feel like you do about so many things – especially like I’m about 3 steps behind in life. Like you, it seems my inner drive has up and driven away some days. It can be SO frustrating, but you’re right, just being hopeful for a little bit every day can change how we see things. Brilliant!

    I REALLY love the graphic you chose too, I hope you don’t mind if I make it my phone’s wallpaper to see it every time I pick it up – which I also do way too often….

    Have thee BEST time in Dallas!!! I’m off to figure out why WordPress doesn’t alert me of your new posts…. ugh!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and your kind words!! I’m glad to know there are others out there that can relate. 🙂

      WordPress is screwing with you again??! Hope you figure it out, and have a great weeekend!

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