if I could sum up this week in one picture….

Scary isn’t it?

Before you contact Hoarders casting call, let me enlighten you on my not so casual week.  (Okay that’s an understatement – it pretty much was a clusterf*** .)  This week’s highlights:  a client that wanted their drapery like yesterday, when it won’t even be done with production for the next couple weeks….a rug that is backordered until July that a client fell head over heels for…and a proposal that took 6 nonstop, caffeine induced hours to prepare and price.

Despite what a lot of people may think of the career field of interior design, it’s not always so glamorous.  There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that never makes it to your favorite HGTV show.   Dealing with backorders, items that come in damaged, and hours spent researching and preparing are everyday realities.  Breaking the news to your client that their chair came in with the legs busted off and will not be ready for their party in 2 weeks is, well, not so fun.

My favorite is the stereotype that design is all about picking paint colors and fabric.  It is the designer’s ultimate responsibility that the space functions well and holds up over time.  It has to be up to code for safety reasons.  Each detail (like the faucets in the bath or the outlet covers) has to be thought of and selected.  It’s all the hard work that gives way to the beautiful end result.  So next time you are flipping through a design mag and see an amazing photo, remember all the countless hours, stress, and tears that went into it! 🙂

PS> Please excuse my extreme sarcasm and lack of posts.  I’m off today, and am going to unwind, recharge, and get inspired! xoxo


  1. i know you wrote this awhile ago but i just ran across it. in all honesty, there’s not so much design in designing! that paperwork is SO time consuming + most people just don’t understand. glad you do!

    1. I know! You’re totally right. It seems like I get a lot of, “Oh you’re a designer?? That must be SOOO FUN!! Can you help me pick paint colors???” lol. I think my life goal is now educating the general public, one person at a time, that there is a lot more to interior design than just picking paint colors! (haha jk, but really…. ) 🙂

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