design obsession: peacock

(Source: Wikipedia)

This iconic bird is the driving force behind many products and interiors that have been surfacing in recent months.  Although it seems to be trending lately, the peacock’s reputation and influence has spanned generations.  Respected in many cultures and religions as a symbol of love, compassion, knowledge, patience, and virtue, it’s bold colors are intriguing yet inspiring.


(Source: Design Seeds)

Stunning peacock feather Palette


(Source: Pinterest)

This chair is so fly because it practically has wings!  (sorry I couldn’t resist haha)


This wallpaper accent is great in this room – it adds interest without being overwhelming.


(Source: Pinterest)

 Peacock inspired hair highlights.


(Source: The Laquered Peacock)


(Source: Pinterest)

I wonder how long it took to do these nails??


(Source: Laura U blog)

LOVE this bedroom.  The peacock inspired accents show through in a very subtle way.


My favorite picks?? Ask and you shall receive.

a. Peacock Chair by Hive Modern – this chair comes at a pretty penny. Or 717,400 of them.

b. Dwell Studio Peacock Journal for Paper Source

c. Eddie Leather Accent Chair by Z Gallerie

d. Malone Aquamarine Vase by Z Gallerie

e. Handmade Peacock Clutch by Cutie Girlie on

f. Peacock Rug by Global Views (available through design firms only – contact me to order)

g.  Peacock Print by Dekanimal on

h.  Peacock Feather Linen Pillowcase by Giardino on

i.  Peacock Bowl by Jonathan Adler

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