Freedom Tower design: the World Trade Center lives on

As we reflect on the events that occurred on this day 12 years ago, there is hope being built where the original World Trade Center once stood.  Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill have designed what is the tallest building in the country: the Freedom Tower.   Soaring at 1,776 feet, One World Trade Center will not only be a symbolic structure, but also the first of its kind.  We’re talking 3 MILLION square feet of office space (71 floors!).   New technology and sustainable features will pave the way for the future of urban design.  Achieving the LEED Gold Certification level, 1 WTC will use rainwater to power its cooling systems, and exceed code requirements for energy performance by 20%.

Scroll down to see what the 1 WTC is projected to look like!

 View of the new World Trade Center

Freedom Tower Lobby

World-Trade-Center-Curtainwall One World Trade Center future interior space



“The tower is an open, welcoming building that both radiates light and is filled with light. Our design team has achieved our goal of creating a great urban place — a building that serves the people who work in it, welcomes those who visit it, and plays an integral and vibrant role in the city that surrounds it.” 

– David Childs, Freedom Tower Architect

1 World Trade Center facts

For more info, visit the World Trade Center’s website.


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