Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan modern farmhouse

Lake Michigan is one of my soft spots.  My memories drift back to being 19, young and in love, spending summer nights on the shore. Giant dunes and water for days, a coastline that could be mistaken for the ocean.  It was a time before social media, smartphones, and up-to-the-second updates.  Maybe we were naive to the world around us, but time just seemed to stop.  And in those moments is when you feel most alive.

When I saw this project on Lonny a couple weeks back, it hit that soft spot. Carefree and breezy, this modern farmhouse is just simply beautiful.

living room at the lake - Lonny Mag     Modern Farmhouse by Linc Thelan

Love all of the white and coastal decor that isn’t too in-your-face beachy.

Lake inspired dining room

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Bath

I miss the easy lake life, the simplicity of youth.  I think that’s why I love this project so much.

Coastal bath vintage oars Pool Bath

For more pics, visit the very talented Linc Thelen’s website.

sweet summertime.


Random fact: This is actually the longest I’ve ever went without blogging since I started it back in October of 2011!  I took off most of May and all of June, but the good news is that I’m backkkkk!  I’ve realized my neglected blog needs some love too. 🙂

It seems entirely insane to me that already half the year is over.  I need to continually remind myself to just take some deep breaths, look around, and take in my favorite time of the year.  Temps in Texas have been a refreshing 95 degrees (ha!), but hey we’ll take anything under 100 this time of the year.

PS. There’s not too much news to report around here.  We traveled back to the Mitten in June to celebrate 2 awesome weddings (my friend Kaytee and Nate’s brother Matt), and also have had some visitors in Texas recently, too.  I haven’t taken many pics lately, but here are some from the trip to Michigan:

Ludington, Michigan

chalkboard wedding sign

Kaytee and I

lite brite!

(Yes that is a Lite Brite, and yes I took at least 3 pictures of it during the night because I was so freakin excited.)

State Theatre -  Traverse City, MI

putt putt

Crystal Lake, MI

kayaks on Crystal Lake

Matt & Lynn!

Lynn and Ethan dancing

bearded lover and I

sandy feet

Sunset over Lake Michigan


It seems like more and more lately, I’m reminded of how extremely lucky and blessed we are.  We have a home with tons of potential, a loving pup, good jobs, and been on some great trips this year already.  Reflecting on it all, life is good!



Pure Michigan

I’m backkkkkkk!   We returned from our trip to Michigan on Sunday and have been trying to play catch up ever since! As you probably know, Nate & I are from neighboring small towns in southern Michigan.   It was nice to go to the place that we’ll always call home.   I know a lot of people that have never been to Michigan assume that it sucks, but I’m determined to change your mind.  Summer in Michigan is absolutely gorgeous, and there is a lot of great things to see.  Our vaycay went by fast, and we didn’t get to experience all that our hearts’ coveted, but here’s some of my favorite pictures from the trip:


Our 1st stop: East Lansing!

There’s me in front of my old dorm at Michigan State.


Oh Sparty, I’ve missed you more than you know.


Congrats to Colleen & Jesse – there’s me with the beautiful bride!


Stop #2: Detroit

We don’t take no bull! (Kel & I in Wyandotte)


Take me out to the ballpark! A summer trip home is not complete until we go to a Tiger’s game.


Now you know where I get my eyes from!  (Aunt Ann & I)


Stop #3: Kalamazoo

 Maci Muggles enjoying life


Uncle Warren & Aunt Janet!


Stop #4: Grand Haven

Reunited! Finally!!


Love me some Lake Michigan


Nate & Biff


Stop #5: Irish Hills/Brooklyn/Napoleon

St. Joseph’s Shrine in Irish Hills.  Such a special place – not only because we got married at the Shrine 2 years ago, but also because my family’s history is rooted so deeply here.  My grandparents and other relatives are buried here too.


Check back tomorrow because I’ll be putting up the pictures from Chicago! 🙂


Until then…. xoxo!