interior design liscensing exam

hello october.

Well, I’m glad to say that the test that has consumed my life for the last couple months (aka the interior design licensing exam, NCIDQ) is now officially OVER!!

This past Friday, I took the first half of what could potentially be the most important knowledge based test of my life!  A couple of tidbits: #1) That sucker was hard as F.  #2)  I went to bed at 8pm on Friday if that gives you any idea how exhausted/brain-dead/studied out I was.

That being said, I’m glad its over.

( In 12 weeks I’ll find out if I passed or not…and then it may be another studyfest for me.  Plus, I still have the other half to take. )

For those of you that may take the test in the future, here’s a quick summary:  (Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about it!!)  They only offer it twice a year, and you become eligible to take it after receiving your Bachelors from an accredited school + 3,520 hours working under a licensed professional (UNLESS you began any of your design experience prior to 2008, then you can count your hours under any design professional).  The exam is broken into 3 sections that span 2 full days.  The first day is 2 multiple choice exams.  The 2nd day is what they call the practicum, which is putting all your knowledge and experience together into a full 8 hour hand drafted project.  Since I’m beyond rusty at hand drafting, I figured I would just knock out the first 2 sections and go from there.  Wellllll….. they pretty much knocked me out! haha.  Think 300 questions about building construction/structure, fire codes, architectural drafting, etc etc etc.  (So to anyone that thinks all an interior designer does is play with paint swatches – please, do your homework.)

On the drive home, I thought about all the things I could have done differently.  I even started frantically looking through my notes trying to see if I could figure out what ones I got right and wrong. (I can’t begin to imagine what kind of road hazard I was)  As soon as I began to get frustrated, I brought myself back down to reality: this is only a test.  Life will go on.  If I fail, it doesn’t mean I suck – I can retake it!

Then I came home to this beautiful orchid and a nice card – which totally made my night/weekend/life! (thanks Hunny!)

The rest of this weekend was very relaxing.  We celebrated Nate’s birthday- as best as we could since he has a stomach bug.  We sat around and watched football and I made him homemade Mac & Cheese and Asparagus Cheddar soup.  🙂  Overall, life is good.  I’m excited to start blogging again more.  Not sure where September went, but I’m ready for October – and to start enjoying this lovely fall weather!