got some big news for y’all…

As I said back in January, we were looking at homes and talking to lenders in search of our first home.  I can now announce to you that…



I didn’t want to say anything until we were 100% sure, but with the all the negotiations, inspection, appraisal, and loan approval process behind us, it’s looking like it’s going to happen!  We actually close tomorrow!! Eeeee I can’t believe it!  So soon – but so exciting!  Guess we’ll be calling Texas home for a while. 😉

It’s a 1950’s ranch style home on a 1/2 acre lot, close to our little downtown & a park.   It’s little over a mile away from where we rent now, perched up on the lovely neighborhood known as “the hill”.  Since it’s an older home, it’s definitely going to need some love.   We won’t move in until April or May so we got some time to plan out what renovations we want to do and move things in slowly.  Our first big project? Ripping out the existing floors and putting in hardwood.  And of course you’ll get to see the updates right here on the blog :).

So happy and thankful for this major milestone in our lives!!