Emerald Coast

these days.

Woweeeee it’s November! (Just in case you didn’t realize.)  I’m not sure where the time has went, but I wanted to let you know whats been going on here….

Last month, we planned a last-minute weekend road trip to Florida.  I have been wanting to make the trip back to Destin for about 2 years now but finalllllyyy it seemed to work out.

all packed and ready to go

The week of the trip, I noticed Erin Gates (the extremely fab blogger of Elements of Style) was going to be in Houston for her book signing the same day we were leaving.   Umm perfect, we would be passing right through there.  Well almost.  I still had to work that day, get on the road in time, and brave traffic to make it to the 6-8pm signing.   I swear I probably averaged about 85mph, but lucky for me the stars aligned and I got there with about 15 minutes to spare.  I walked into Tootsies feeling frantic and a little underdressed in my 11 hour car drive attire.  (Kinda ironic as I’m buying a book called Elements of Style.)  Erin was super nice and totally understanding of rough appearance.  It was great to chat for a couple of minutes, and then we were on our way.


The trip to the Emerald Coast was much-needed.  Truthfully, I’ve been looking for a way to get back there for a visit since we moved in 2011.  It’s one of those places that will always be a home to me.



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Temps were right around 80 degrees and sunny each day.  We spent a lot of time at the beach, eating too much food, and hanging out with old friends.  I’m still so happy we could make it work.   We ended up leaving wondering why we ever moved away to begin with, and pondering what kind of lucrative airstream business we could open up to get our happy butts back to the beach.

IMG_1932 edited


Other than that, not too much has been new.  Just working away like the busy bee that I have become.  Austin is booming and there is no sight of slowdown, which is great for the economy and business.  My 30th birthday and the holidays are right around the corner!  We’ve been picking back up with some house projects after taking a year off.  Hope to have some updates up here soon.  xo.


beach withdrawls & florida memories

It’s been raining for about 24 hours straight.  This was the view from out my back window this morning:

It seems like good ol’ FB is just blowing up with pictures from people on their fabulous spring breaks.  It really makes me miss that beach town we used to call home, Destin.


(Photo by Chris Frey, found on Destin Chamber of Commerce’s website)


White sand beaches…Blue/green water….good friends…amazing seafood = MAJOR WITHDRAWLS.

My memory takes me back to a week after graduating from college, with my silver Cutlass stuffed to max capacity with all the clothes and necessities I could fit.  I remember what it felt like to drive away, looking back at the home I grew up in, one last time.  I didn’t know how much my life was about to change at the time…I just knew I had a dream, and I had to chase it.

I got to FL and the first 6 months of my life was like a vacation: beach everyday, killer tan, exploring all the great spots to eat, drink and be merry.  Being a tourist was like my job and damn was I good at it.

It’s like one day I woke up, it was 2011. It had been 3 years since I moved to the Emerald Coast.   I was working full-time, couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the beach just to lay out and tan. Probably had been months.  And the next thing I knew Nate got that job offer and we were moving to San Antonio.  Ironically, three short weeks later, I was driving away from a place most people dream of living, starting all over again.

I guess my point from this random babble is that we get so caught up with our day-to-day routine that we take things (& people) for granted.  Don’t forget to live in the moment.   You never know where life will take you – so when you have something beautiful right within your reach, take it.  This weekend I encourage everybody to do one thing they absolutely LOVE, no matter what.  No excuses.  Life is too short not to play (even if it’s in the rain). 🙂