Target pairs up with FEED

I was walking through Target the other day and what did I find?  Probably the most lovely collaboration I never thought would have happened.

target and FEED

target feed-boutique-model

Consumed in our daily lives, many of us don’t think about how many families are struggling just to survive.  It’s estimated that about 17 million children are living in food insecure households in just the UNITED STATES ALONE.  I’m so happy Target is bringing awareness to this very important issue by donating to such a great cause.  For every purchase you make from the Target FEED collection, meals will be provided for children and family across America!

Target and FEED

  1. FEED for Target Women’s Crossbody Bag in Navy 20 meals
  2. FEED for Target Men’s Denim Baseball Cap  = 12 meals
  3. FEED for Target Bakeware – Medium 100oz  = 16 meals
  4. FEED for Target Women’s Gold V-Neck Graphic Tee   =  14 meals
  5. FEED for Target Ceramic Canisters  =  10-12 meals each canister
  6. FEED for Target Women’s Stackable Bracelet Set of 3  =  12 meals


View the entire collection here, or to learn more visit: .

(All photos from Target and FEED projects)