thursday thoughts: life is short

In my college years, I began watching an MTV show called The Challenge.   One person on the show shined above the rest and instantly became my favorite to watch.  That special person was Diem Brown.  She battled cancer 3 times in a decade, sharing her experiences as an open book on air.  She was as tough as nails, and as sweet as sugar.  Her positive, bubbly attitude and will to live was contagious.  So when I heard of her passing back in November, my heart broke.  When someone you don’t even know can have such a profound impact on the way you view life, they truly are extraordinary.

I have and always will admire your strength and inner beauty, Diem.

Diem Brown Quote

Photo credit: Diem Brown via People


  1. LOVE the challenge season! I do believe we watched a couple episodes with each other 😃
    Diem totally was an inspiration to all.
    Forever DB ❤️😇

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