5 man rooms that women dig

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, here’s my tribute to a man’s dream room aka the Man Cave.   Actually, I kinda loathe the term “man cave”.  I’m not a feminist extremist by any means, but it kinda suggests that women can not or would not want to participate in the space.  Personally, I like to watch sports and play video games.   And please explain to me what is so cool about a cave?  The space doesn’t have to dark, dingy, and isolated to be a “man’s” room.  Actually it can be the exact opposite.

So take some notes, boys: whether it’s compromising with the wifey, or creating a bachelor pad that doesn’t turn off the women, here are some rooms that a man can enjoy but are also chick-friendly.


CASE #1: The Game Room


Why it works for the guy:  It’s got rad toys like the ping-pong table and old school arcade games.  And also lots of wood so it brings the outdoors inside.

Why girls love it:  This room is fashionable yet fun.  It’s stylish and open, and we love that every inch of every wall is not covered by sports memorabilia or beer mirrors.


CASE #2: The library

Why it works for the guy:  leather sofa, plaid, and deep dark colors.

Why girls love it:  Because it’s warm and cozy.  And we love the flowers in the corner.


CASE #3:  The Living Space

Why it works for the guy: The giant map, old trunk, and rustic accents give this room a real masculine feel.

Why girls love it:  It’s clean and laid back, but also classy.  Map and camera suggests you are into traveling or culture, which can earn you some brownie points!


CASE #4:  The Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar

Why it works for the guy:  It’s got the great outdoors and beer. What else does a guy need? (Actually it needs a grill and then we’re set)

Why girls love it:  There’s ample space for entertaining or relaxing.


CASE #5:  The Garage Fitness Room

garage work out room

Why it works for the guy: It would function perfect as a home gym too. Add a couple of weights, machines, and a TV and you’re set.

Why girls love it:  It’s a playful space that isn’t too macho. The whole family can hang out here.



  • Man rooms can be painted light colors and still be masculine.  White or other neutrals work too.
  • Don’t overdo the wood – you don’t need the space to have wood from the floor to ceiling to scream “I’m manly!”
  • Tell a story of who you are.  Do you enjoy traveling? Or sports?  Or movies? Find creative ways to highlight who you are.  Have your space reflect your accomplishments and goals.
  • Less is more.  Try not to clutter up the surfaces and walls with just “stuff”.  Select your art and accessories wisely.  And that thing called cleaning – do it.  🙂 haha.


(all photos link back to their original source, if known.)

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