Bentley Churchill 2012 Highpoint introductions

There’s nothing more I love than a good quality furniture manufacturer.   

 So if you are not already familiar, let me introduce you. World: meet Bentley. 

At Bentley Churchill, the only answer they know is “yes”.   You can customize ANYTHING.  3″ taller?  8″ longer?  No problem!  Every piece has their standard spring down fill with 8 way hand tied spring construction.  Plus, they have an awesome array of fabrics. 

So, let me tell you what……. I love this sofa.  Simple. Contemporary. Clean lines with the curved side arms.


I’m a total fan that they have some great new pieces that are reminiscent of vintage ones. 




A mid-century modern lovers dream.  *Sigh*

Dear ottoman with lucite feet: come into my life.




Check out their website  for more pretty pictures from the Spring Highpoint Collection.


(Bentley Churchill is exclusive to the trade, so contact me for more info!)

What do you think?

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