5 ways to make a room appear larger

Have an extremely small room that you wish would miraculously expand??? Or just one that seems smaller than what it really is, and can’t figure out why?  Here’s some quick tips to give your room a little extra breathing space.


1. PAINT THE ROOM A LIGHTER COLOR. – it’s a known fact that lighter colors give the room a more open, airy feeling.

The vast amount of white in this kitchen opens it right up.  It’s easier on the eye and more light is reflected!


2. ADD MIRRORS. – Mirrors reflect light and also give the feeling of depth.


3. USE LESS OR SMALLER SCALE FURNITURE. – Using less furniture will create the illusion of having more space.

I can’t stress scale enough –  muy importante!  Throwing large chunky pieces in a small room will create instant claustrophobia.  So go minimal with pieces that have clean, thin lines.


Also, lucite and glass trick the eye!


4.ORGANIZE! – Utilize the space you have efficiently.

Built-ins are a great way to keep the clutter out of sight.  This office in a closet is genius!


Simple storage techniques can really make the difference.


5. KEEP IT SIMPLE. – Don’t overdo the art and accessories.

Use only 1 -3 really striking pieces.  Keep color and pattern to a minimum, creating a focal point.

(Click the photo to visit its source, if known)

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