style icon: Kate Middleton

There’s something about Kate Middleton that just attracts people to her.  Maybe it’s because she’s married to Prince William.  Or maybe the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous.  Or maybe it’s her royally sophisticated sense of style.

(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)


For me,  it’s the energy she gives off.   I find it crazy that I know next to nothing about her, yet her presence reflects such grace, positivity, and class.

(Photo courtesy of People)


One thing I (& the rest of the world) do know about her is her simple yet stunning fashion sense.  It’s classic.  Natural.  And take-your-breath-away beautiful.

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)


(Kate’s two lovely dress choices, both by Alexander McQueen, this past weekend at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Photo courtesy of


(Kate stuns again in another McQueen gown. Photo courtesy of People)

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