enhancing a room with wall texture

The texture of a wall is something that is often overlooked in the design process.  Some homes are blessed with great bones, as shown below:

(Photo via Pinterest)

Aged brick adds so much character to a room.


(Photo via Pinterest)

Concrete wall gives the room a modern, industrial feel.


(Photo via Dezeen)

Wood walls are always interesting, but how about different size timbers arranged in a random pattern?? I love this look at Slowpoke Espresso Cafe in Melbourne, Australia.


(Photo via 2modern)

For the do-it-yourselfer, textured wallpaper is a great option.  You can even paint over this one!


(Photo via 3form)

This resin is not only environmentally friendly, but also stylish.  Can you believe that’s seaweed pressed in between??


(Photo via Inhabit Living)

Or try dimensional wall tiles to add some depth!


What do you think?

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