PersonalDNA Personality Test

I’m all about self discovery.  I believe to reach our full potential we have to truly know ourselves and what our strengths are.  I found this personality test online called PersonalDNA, and thought I’d share with each of you.  It’s totally free and does not make you sign up with your email.  It’s so interesting to find out new things about yourself (or even confirm what you’ve always known!)


The test has you answer a series of questions, and then determines a two-word descriptor of your personality, based on your answers.  Mine was: Encouraging Creator.



The first word describes how you relate to others.


The second word describes you.


Overall, I think it’s pretty dead on!

What did ya’ll get?  Did you agree with the results?  What aspects of your personality do you believe are your best strengths?

What do you think?

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