ID gone global: Curio Design Studio

Many people have the idea that hiring an interior designer is “a luxury”, and can be very expensive and/or time-consuming.  Well, imagine a revolutionary approach to the process – where you meet with the designer through email or Skype, at your convenience, and get a custom design package sent directly to your inbox – and it doesn’t break the bank at all!

Does this sound like your cup of tea?  Well look no further, Curio Design Studio offers clients just that – and more!

Launched by my friend and fellow MSU Interior Design Alum, Allison Harlow Clark, Curio Design Studio was born on the idea that great design has no limits, and should be easily accessible to all, no matter what your schedule or budget may be.  When Allison moved to Norway last year, she was no longer able to work as an Interior Designer in the traditional sense.  By offering interior design services delivered 100% online, she found a way to do what she loves from abroad while meeting the needs of the ever-changing market.   Her pricing is super reasonable (compare to thousands you could pay for an on location designer), and the turnaround time is just days.


Sound too good to be true?  It’s not!

1) Check out a project example below

2) I can personally vouch for this girl – she has a great sense of style, an outstanding work ethic, and an extraordinary eye for design.





I did a little Q & A sesh with Allison to learn a little more about her new endeavor:


Vim & Vintage:  When did you know you wanted to do interior design?  Who or what influences and inspires you?

Allison Harlow Clark:  I think I always knew I wanted to do something creative. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I decided Interior Design was something I really wanted to pursue.  I am influenced by a lot of things. History has always been my favorite subject so I think that drives my interest in vintage pieces. Another huge inspiration to me is travel.  I have been really fortunate to get to see a lot of different places, and I always try to take a little piece of it with me and infuse it into my design style. As far as designers that influence, I am basically obsessed with Jonathan Adler.



V&V:  How would you describe your personal design style?

AC:  Eclectic Chic. I love mixing old and new and repurposing vintage furniture.   I also really like mixing pattern and texture to create interest and focal point. Matching is not always key but coordinating is essential!  Repeating shapes or colors helps achieve this without having an exact match.


V&V: How did you get the name Curio Design Studio? What sets your company apart from others that offer online design services?

AC:  I came up with the name Curio Design Studio from my love of vintage and found objects that tell a story. A curio is defined as: a small article valued as a collector’s item, especially something fascinating or unusual. There are a few things that set us apart from other online designers. First off, we focus solely on E-design services as our priority so we will not be distracted by the demanding needs of traditional ID clients. Secondly, we focus on supporting local and small businesses with our specifications. We are in the process of developing our own network of small businesses and custom artisans who will offer discounts to clients of Curio Design Studio. This unique partnership allows us to offer customized, vintage and one of kind objects in our proposals, providing truly personalized e-design experience.


V&V: What’s the best part of living in Europe? Are there any down sides?!?

AC:  There are lots of amazing things about living overseas.  Top 3 are probably : 1. Being able to meet people who have a completely different perspective on life than you.  2. The ease of getting around to visit all the places you want to see in life… when else can you go to Paris for the weekend?! 3. Finding inspiration in everything because each day is a new experience. As with anything there are downsides, but you just try not to focus on them. I would say the hardest part is being away from friends and family back in the States.


V&V: Any advice to those young entrepreneurs out there that are thinking about going after a dream?

AC:  Just go for it! With all the tweets, posts, shares, likes, and pins it is WAY easier than ever to get your ideas out there. You never know how successful you can be until you try. My motto is: you are better off to try and fail, than to regret never trying at all.


Congrats on your new venture Ally!  For more information on Curio’s services and design packages, please visit their website(Also don’t forget to pay a visit to their blog and Facebook page! )



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