first post jitters!


My very first post….!

Well I’m very excited to have started this, because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but never made the time to do.   I expect it to be a crazy concoction of interior design + local flair + a life journal.  I hope it can help to inspire, give useful information, and encourage people to get out and enjoy life….. because ah, life is too short!

The words Vim & Vintage just flowed so well together.  And perfectly describe the concept of what I believe life is all about:  the balance of appreciating the past and fusing it with the enthusiasm of the present and modern.   One day I hope to own a design studio that encompasses these values.  Until then, you will at least be (hopefully) entertained with the day-to-day struggles, thoughts, and vision of a young designer.

At any rate, I actually sat down and created it so now I’m married to it.  What an exciting new adventure!

What do you think?

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